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After Bazille Series
Scanned Flowers
Camera as Paintbrush Series
Scanned Chanukah Series
Montreal Visual Mashup Series
Scanner Art
Floral Digital Washes
770 Series

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A Guide in Humane Awareness
Suicide Prevention Help
100 Scanned Quotations
A Visit to NYC - An Exploration into Visual Interpretation
Cinematic Transcendence from a Synaesthetic Perspective (PDF)
Cinematic Transcendence from a Synaesthetic Perspective (HTML)
Art as Eye Movement (PDF)
Art as Eye Movement (HTML)
Synergetic Temperament System (PDF)
Synergetic Temperament System (HTML)

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Afternoon in Bazille's Studio
The Last Cosmos
Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky
the body internet Slideshow

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Concordia University Magazine
Humane Education Through the Study of Pets
BC Pets and Friends
Zeal / LookSmart Canada - Music
Montreal Gazette
Suicide Prevention Help Global Web Directory
Suicide Prevention Help Global Web Directory Weblog
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
Ermer Robinson
Creative and Professional C.V.
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NY Times - Close to Home
Four Word Sounds
December Ballade
November Nuances
Distant Islands
The Magic Quilt
Days of Awe
Transcendental Coming Out Groove
Variations for String Quartet
Piano Improvisation
Piano Trio
Africana Cry
Miles of Trance
Classical Trance
O Make a Joyous Noize
Up Beat Down
Symphonica Electronica
Body with Soul
Fire in the Heart
Children of God
A Very Simple Formula
Elegorica Intelligentia
Percussive Melodica
Mantra Trance
On a Blue Day
Electronica Militaria
Seeing You Seeing Me
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Montreal Visual Mashup
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Fred Herscovitch
Dr. Evelin Gerda Lindner
Dr. C. M. Yogi
Guide in Humane Awareness
Dr. Paul T. P. Wong
Stephen Lewis Foundation
CBC News
CIA Factbook - Swaziland
Google Base - Hemmerick
Search Engine Watch
- Loren Baker

English-Language Arts Network
Google Base
November Nuances
the friendship letter - eBook
Suicide Hotlines
Menard Communications
Jason Menard
- Not So Black & White

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