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Kenneth Hemmerick studied music at the McGill Preparatory School of Music, Conservatoire de musique et d'art dramatique du Québec, McGill University and Concordia University where he took courses in viola, orchestra, piano, composition, harmony, theory and analysis, and other theoretical and ear-training studies.

He has played with the Montreal Junior Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestre des Jeunes of Le Conservatoire. As a student at McGill University, he became interested in music for films when he was selected as the silent film pianist for the McGill Film Society.

He has composed music for the following productions:

Distant Islands (1981)
Somewhere Between (1982)
Pfaff (1984)
The Magic Quilt (1985)
Close to Home (1986)
A Life of Independence (1987)
The Haploid Affair (1987)
Public Chant (1994)
Public Percussion (1994)
Time Wears the Body (1995)
Inner Disciplinary (1995)
Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky (1996)
Sometimes (1996)
From a Father to a Son (1997)
Afternoon in Bazille's Studio (2005)
SphereMusic (2006)
For That Tomorrow (Vocal Arrangement - 2006)

He has written a wide range of music from string quartets to vocal ensemble pieces to jazz piano compositions. In addition, he has created electro-acoustic music and electronic-based works that are best described as being in the electronica and trance genres.

Browse the MUSIC page of his official website to listen to a selection of his music, that includes works such as:

Variations for String Quartet
Symphonica Electronica
Africana Cry
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello
Miles of Trance
Piano Improvisation
Transcendental Coming out Groove

Whether it is a score that is needed for a film or video, or music for a website, Kenneth can create the music and sound you require. Feel free to contact him to discuss your creative project.

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