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kenneth hemmerick - music

Listen to my compositions, December Ballade, November Nuances, Days of Awe and Four Word Sounds, or experimental works, e-Piano Meditation, Oceanfront, Sound Between Spaces and Spaces Between Sounds, recently listed on my Blog site.

Classically trained in piano, viola, theory and analysis, and composition, I have been fortunate to have had a broad-based education in music creation.

I have written music for a number of films, played in orchestras and folk and rock bands, and sang professionally for many years in a choir.

My recent sonic works have been centered on creating music in the electronic genre, focussing specifically on Trance, Electronica and Mashup Music.

In the same way that I have taken images, or portions of images, and reconstructed them into new images, I have been taking loops of music and re-arranging them to form coherent compositions.

View clips of National Film Board of Canada productions for which I have written music:
Distant Islands
The Magic Quilt

Read a NY Times review of Close to Home, a film I scored.

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Transcendental Coming Out Groove Variations for String Quartet Piano Improvisation Piano Trio
Africana Cry Miles of Trance Classical Trance O Make a Joyous Noize
Up Beat Down Symphonica Electronica Body with Soul Fire in the Heart
Children of God A Very Simple Formula Elegorica Intelligentia Percussive Melodica
Mantra Trance On a Blue Day Electronica Militaria Seeing You Seeing Me
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