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kenneth hemmerick - texts

A Guide in Humane Awareness is an eBook and course, in html and .exe formats, I have written that leads learners towards a deeper appreciation and understanding of kindness, cruelty and humaneness in their lives.

The following writings reflect concepts and ideas that have been of interest to me over the years.

All documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the Acrobat Reader download button found at the bottom of this page.

100 Scanned Quotations

Here are the first 50 quotations of this 100 page text that allows the reader an opportunity to appreciate the individual flower and to learn what some of the greatest minds have said about the significance of flowers in their lives.

A Visit to NYC - An Exploration into Visual Interpretation

A photo-based work describing my first visit to the Big Apple. Includes some of my reconstructed images of buildings around the World Trade Center.

Cinematic Transcendence From a Synaesthetic Perspective  (PDF)

This essay is a review of Canadian filmmakers Michael Snow and David Rimmer films, respectively, "Wavelength" and "Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper."

Art as Eye Movement  (PDF)

An exploratory writing created in collaboration with Toronto artist, Fred Herscovitch, that explores the role a perceiver plays in experiencing art.

Synergetic Temperament System  (PDF)

In this work, I apply R Buckminster Fuller's Energetic Synergetic geometry to tuning systems in music. Read Dr. Fuller's response

In 1998, I created a Suicide Prevention Help Web site for those who are despairing and contemplating suicide. Download this material as an eBook (.exe file) for PC users with Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer 5.+ browser.

Read an article recently published in The Montreal Gazette about this site.

Visit my blog site appropriately called: Kenneth Hemmerick's Blog

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