Monday, July 25, 2005

Lilium Silkium

kenneth hemmerick lilium silkiumLast week, I was coming home from a meeting and found a white flower on the sidewalk.

I picked up the flower, brought it home, and carefully placed it in the garden amongst the balsamine. I didn't say anything about the flower to my partner, Harry, and patiently waited for him to discover my find.

Finally, I heard him say,"Ken, what kind of new flower do you think this is which has appeared in the garden?" "Hmmm, I said, it looks like a lily, actually it looks like a very silky lily." Finally, I told him about my discovery.

He dubbed the flower "Lilium Silkium," and the flower is now resting between the leaves of a wild geranium.

I hope it survives the winter.


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