Sunday, August 07, 2005

Edwardian Dreams of Horses

Kenneth Hemmerick nuMontreal Visual Mashup - Edward's Dream of HorsesIn this work from my nuMontreal Visual Mashup Series, I have taken an image from the King Edward VII monument by Louis-Phillipe H├ębert, found at Phillips Square, and mashed it up with an image of a sculpture located outside the TD Canada Trust building on Sherbrooke Street.

One of my delights in art-making is the experience of play and liberation that comes when creating work, requiring courage, inner strength and vision.

"The Canadian horse is a perfect symbol for Canada. It has those traits that we, as Canadians, value. I am talking about all Canadians. The Canadian horse is strong for its size. It is both persistent and resilient. It is an intelligent and well-tempered Horse. The Canadian horse has a long life. Like this country itself, Canadian horses are very peaceful. From the time of ancient Greece, the horse has been an emblem signifying strength and courage. The Canadian Horse is one of the world's strongest and most courageous breeds. For this reason, it is the perfect emblem for Canada."

"The above description is an excerpt from the official debates of the House of Commons when the Bill to make the Canadian horse an official symbol of Canada was being debated. The Bill was proclaimed into law on April 30, 2002."

Source: CanadaInfo - created by Craig I. W. Marlatt


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