Monday, August 01, 2005

The Heartbeat of Montreal

Kenneth Hemmerick nuMontreal Visual Mashup Series - The Heartbeat of Montreal (After Jim Dine)

In this work, from the nuMontreal Visual Mashup series I am working on, I have taken an image of Jim Dine's "Twin 6' Hearts," found outside of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and reworked the image so that Dine's sculpture(s) now appears to be located at the campus of McGill University on Sherbrooke Street.

When we take a work of art and relocate it, we also change the context in which the work offers meaning. In "The Heartbeat of Montreal (After Jim Dine)," one is encouraged to reflect upon the location of a work of art in the sense that its locality and environs add unique dimensions to the discovery and interpretation of an art work. logo

There is a new Montreal-based Internet radio station called that describes itself as "The Heartbeat of Montreal." Established by Deric Davis, Alex Davis and Tim Wheaton, offers Live, Tunes, House and Trance channels, and on Monday nights, airs a live radio show. Created by Productions, the radio station also holds events and parties in Montreal. Take a listen and see why Montreal is such a pulsating city.


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