Friday, September 16, 2005

Centre Lifeline Chabad Project Pride

Yesterday, Rabbi Ronnie Fine, of Chabad Queen Mary, asked me if I could help in creating a Chabad Project Pride Centre Lifeline newsletter. I was glad to help because this worthy organization genuinely helps people.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending a fund-raising launch where I met clients and heard stories of what Centre Lifeline Chabad Project Pride means to them. For some, it is a place for recovery, healing, understanding and a good cup of coffee. For others, Centre Lifeline becomes a refuge as they realize that the addiction they suffered from distorted their senses and way of thinking. They rely on the Centre's able staff to help them solve legal, financial, administrative and other issues which were created under the influence of their addiction.

Centre Lifeline Chabad Project Pride offers a variety of outreach programs for prisoners, employers and the community-at-large. They also provide youth one-on-one counseling, groups sessions and activities. As their Web site states, "It's not enough to get young people out of a bad place, but they need to be led to a good one. In tandem with counseling and therapy, Lifeline provides clients with healthy lifestyle activities."

Last month alone, the Centre gave out 280 individually-wrapped sandwiches to clients and served 1600 cups of coffee. Six clients were represent in court and 65 clients came in to talk, unload...feel better. Eleven clients received Welfare assistance. Another 14 clients received financial aid to tie them over to the end of the month. The list goes on as they are helping, and have helped many, people to become whole again.

Shabbot Shalom


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