Monday, September 05, 2005

Discovering Montreal

Kenneth Hemmerick nuMontreal Visual Mashup Series - Explorers at the Chalet

Explorers and Skyline at the St. Lawrence RiverIn the Chalet on top of Montreal's "The Mountain," there is a series of paintings depicting the discovery of the city.

I thought that these works could be used in mynuMontreal Visual Mashup series, a body of work that encourages the viewer to look at and see Montreal public landmarks, locations and public works of art with new eyes.

What I find interesting about these two images, "Explorers at the Chalet" and "Explorers and Skyline at the St. Lawrence River," is that not only do they visually mashup Montreal, but there is also a 350-year temporal mashup of the city.

The early discoverers and settlers could not foresee how "Mont Royal" would eventually evolve into the cultural and cosmopolitan centre Montreal has become.

I found an interesting resource that offers Montreal History Links, compiled by teacher Eric Squire. Browse to discover his "Virtual Tour of Old McGill."

I wonder what Montreal will be like 350 years into the future.


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