Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Inside a Web

Last month a spider made a huge web underneath a Catalpa tree in the backyard. I recently had a chance to look at some of the images I took, and began to experiment --taking sections of images and re-combining them into a new image. I created "Inside a Web" with its ghostlike human figures.

Today, I had a chance to begin reading this month's Harper's Magazine. I always read "Findings" first and then proceed to the "Harper's Index."

Perhaps it was my working with spider webs that forced my eye to the following listing in the Index:

"Amount the U.S. spent last year on mosquito nets to fight malaria in Africa: $4,000,000."

I thought, " isn't that great." Then, I read the following entry:

"Amount it paid a consultancy to conduct 'social marketing' of mosquito nets: $7,600,000."

There is not much more one can add to this information. The mathematics speaks definitively.


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