Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Le touche coloré / The Colour Connection

I will be showing at a group art show, held by ArtsNDG, from October 13 - 30, 2005. Coordinates: 5839 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Québec, H4A 1X4, Tel: 514.486.arts (2787).

Graphic designer and artist Arlene Havrot-Landry has been creating the gallery's invite posters. I am constantly surprised by the range of her creativity. Take a peek at samples of her Exhibition Announcements listed on the Archives page of ArtsNDG's Web site.

I am showing a piece called "David Revisited." This 25.5" x 44" digital photographic collage work consists of 12 composite images. Essentially, I took this image and enlarged it so that it has become quite pixelated, and the effect is quite intriguing.

This work is from my xxxART series that was featured on Les pages persos de Matin Magicien. He describes his site as "dédié à la représentation masculine et/ou homosexuelle dans l'art, hier et aujourd'hui."

I completed this series, after finishing another series called "the body internet," where I deconstructed and then reconstructed Gay pornographic images found on the Internet. The purpose of "the body internet" was to show how information found on the Web can be used for creative purposes.

In xxxART, I play with the contrasting notions of pornography and classical art, raising questions of how the nude body can be read or interpreted.

Other artists in this group show include Barbara Asgary, Jacques Bossé, Mieke Cullen, Jane Desjardins and Francine V. Jones.

ArtsNDG is open for this show: Thursday/Friday from Noon to 8 PM and Saturday/Sunday from Noon to 5 PM.


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