Sunday, October 23, 2005

Suicide Prevention Help - 337,000 Visits

In 1998, just about this time of year, I created a suicide prevention help site, offering those who are despairing and contemplating suicide an opportunity to see their thoughts and feelings more realistically.

As of this week, over 337,000 visits have been made to the site, and I have answered thousands of letters from people, from all over the world, who have written asking for additional support or just to say thank you for making this material available on the Internet.

I know that the site's HTML is pretty basic, but the Web page is meant to be an open letter of friendship.

Sadly, often when people are depressed, they cannot see beyond their own sadness and view the world and future with a pessimistic eye. The site provides a sense that one can move beyond depressing thoughts and feelings, and begin to feel better about oneself.

Take a look at "Some Helpful Suggestions if You are Caught in the Storm of Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings."

the friendship letter includes a link for readers to find suicide hotlines that can be called if someone needs to talk confidentially with a crisis volunteer or specialist. In addition, the site's text can be downloaded as an eBook in .exe format.


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