Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Playing With Light

Recently, I have been interested in light and the way it dances. Take a peek at this unedited video I created of light from a prism, dancing off of a wall.

I like the anticipation of the spectrum coming and going. You will need QuickTime to view this small .avi movie.

I have also experimented with light from another source, moving cars. Below are a couple of examples of images I have taken in this "Moving Car Series," and hope to, someday, use this material in a composite larger work.

Just over a year ago, I met artist LED and Fiber Optic Electronic artist William Anhang. In one of his artworks, he uses 8,000 optic fibers!

Browse his site. There is much to view, and he has many videos of his works. This is an artist who really understands light and its uses.

I have been inspired to write this blog, sharing my fascination with light, as the days are becoming noticeably shorter --heralding the short, dark, November and December days that are just around the corner. But I always rejoice in the Winter Soltice, forecasting the gradual lightening of my spirit and the promise of warmer weather to come.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Edwardian Dreams of Horses

Kenneth Hemmerick nuMontreal Visual Mashup - Edward's Dream of HorsesIn this work from my nuMontreal Visual Mashup Series, I have taken an image from the King Edward VII monument by Louis-Phillipe H├ębert, found at Phillips Square, and mashed it up with an image of a sculpture located outside the TD Canada Trust building on Sherbrooke Street.

One of my delights in art-making is the experience of play and liberation that comes when creating work, requiring courage, inner strength and vision.

"The Canadian horse is a perfect symbol for Canada. It has those traits that we, as Canadians, value. I am talking about all Canadians. The Canadian horse is strong for its size. It is both persistent and resilient. It is an intelligent and well-tempered Horse. The Canadian horse has a long life. Like this country itself, Canadian horses are very peaceful. From the time of ancient Greece, the horse has been an emblem signifying strength and courage. The Canadian Horse is one of the world's strongest and most courageous breeds. For this reason, it is the perfect emblem for Canada."

"The above description is an excerpt from the official debates of the House of Commons when the Bill to make the Canadian horse an official symbol of Canada was being debated. The Bill was proclaimed into law on April 30, 2002."

Source: CanadaInfo - created by Craig I. W. Marlatt

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Heartbeat of Montreal

Kenneth Hemmerick nuMontreal Visual Mashup Series - The Heartbeat of Montreal (After Jim Dine)

In this work, from the nuMontreal Visual Mashup series I am working on, I have taken an image of Jim Dine's "Twin 6' Hearts," found outside of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and reworked the image so that Dine's sculpture(s) now appears to be located at the campus of McGill University on Sherbrooke Street.

When we take a work of art and relocate it, we also change the context in which the work offers meaning. In "The Heartbeat of Montreal (After Jim Dine)," one is encouraged to reflect upon the location of a work of art in the sense that its locality and environs add unique dimensions to the discovery and interpretation of an art work. logo

There is a new Montreal-based Internet radio station called that describes itself as "The Heartbeat of Montreal." Established by Deric Davis, Alex Davis and Tim Wheaton, offers Live, Tunes, House and Trance channels, and on Monday nights, airs a live radio show. Created by Productions, the radio station also holds events and parties in Montreal. Take a listen and see why Montreal is such a pulsating city.