Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Long Time No Blog

I haven't blogged for quite a while. It is not that I have been inactive, I have simply had other concerns that needed to be dealt with, and blogging was not high on my priority list.

Having said this, here is a sampling of what I have been up to since my last blog:

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Enright, a Montreal artist, who created the Starving Arts Gallery. He is providing opportunities for emerging and established artists to have their works displayed in offices, homes and other venues. Works can be leased or purchased by companies and individuals. Take a peek at his website to see the artists whom he has enlisted.

After being active in ArtsNDG for over a year, I stepped down as vice-president in order to give other members a chance to lead. However, I am serving as an advisor and webmaster, maintaining the website I created for this organization that promotes art and art practices in the community. Browse the group's archives to view FLASH Bulletins, detailing the organization's activities.

Creatively, I have been selected as a finalist in the International Itinerant Exhibition M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto in Santa Fe, Argentina. I also exhibited at the Pyongtaek Lake Arts Center, South Korea. My work will be soon seen in Queen's University creative arts journal, Lighthouse, and I have been approached by an Atlanta, Georgia, art magazine that will be including several images of my work. Details to follow. A new San Francisco cable TV station, Channel 79, will be airing my video, Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky.

In addition to my Montreal Visual Mashup series that I have been working on, (updated website to be soon completed), I have been creating layered digital collage pieces such as the untitled piece above.

I also completed a biographical sketch for Montreal's Negro Community Centre, on my foster mom, Dr. Daisy Elitha Peterson Sweeney, that was published in their recent newsletter. This material has been adapted for the publication, Who's Who in Black Canada.

During Suicide Prevention Week in Quebec - the first week of February - Debbie Parkes, of the Montreal Gazette, published an article, Moving beyond suicide, detailing my experience with suicide and suicide prevention. The article produced considerable interest, and I was surprised to hear from quite a number of acquaintances, and others, who shared with me how suicide has impacted their lives.

Last year, I was asked to sit on the Holocaust Education Series Committee of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre. Each year in October/November, the Committee plans, coordinates and holds an annual four-week education series that includes films, lectures, presentations and survivor testimonies. This year's planned activities and events, in French and English, promise to be enlightening, challenging and heartfelt. The series will be held from October 16 - November 9, 2006 in churches, synagogues, lecture halls, film theatres and other venues throughout the city. Details to follow.

Over the last couple of years, I have been taking weekly courses through the Jewish Learning Institute. I recently completed an excellent course called The Kabalah of Time. I learned just how essential time is, in its granular, rhythmic and cyclic forms, an organizing principle in one's existence. This week I am starting a new eight-week course, From Sinai to Cyberspace: How Ancient Wisdom Guides a Modern World.

There are various other projects that are in progress that I will report on in upcoming blogs in the near future.


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