Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bollywood Brokeback Fun

Recently, I discovered Bombay TV where users can add subtitles to Bollywood movie clips.

When I lived in Vancouver, I would enjoy watching Bollywood films, with their often corny and lavish productions, on TV, Sunday mornings.

Click here to view my take on the recent hit film "Brokeback Mountain." Have fun making your own clips.

On a more serious note, I was asked to participate in an art auction in support of the Yaldei Development Centre. This amazing organization, which started in Israel, works with children from two to eight years of age who have developmental challenges. I took a tour of the centre and was very impressed with the comprehensive range of therapies they offer, including art, music, computer, play, speech and more. I was particularly delighted to learn about how they include high school, CEGEP and university students in their intern and volunteer programs.

I have donated the following two works from my 770 Series:

770 Series 4   770 Series 4

Other News:

Christine Morin (Omoshiroi omoshiroi) has blogged my Montreal Visual Mashup Series.

Montreal Visual Mashup Hemmerick

She writes "... cet artiste montréalais travaille la déconstruction numérique de l'image. Cette série de Mash Up s'intéresse à différents lieux publics de Montréal, réinterprétant à sa manière l'ambiance et l'imaginaire que nous renvoient ces bâtiments et autres lieux plublics."

A Pasadena, California, a commercial and entertainment company (Strom Magallon Entertainment) is interested in my video, "Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky" and will be featuring the work on their new website.

Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky Hemmerick

That's it for now!


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