Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In With the New

I decided that it was time to re-fresh the look of my website. It was not that I was unhappy with the old "look." I just wanted something that was a bit cleaner in appearance.

While rummaging around the files on my server, I found a composition I had written called, "Four Word Sounds" for S.A.T.B, Piano, Strings and Percussion. This composition plays with meaningless words that I made up, including "Kanatee," "Alazaynah," "Kabalana," and "Moyakol-lokayom." I transcribed the music using Finale software. This is a MIDI program so the voices are a bit cheesy, but you will have a sense of what the music sounds like.

If you can read music, the score can be found here.


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