Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Art and Music, and Other Work

I have been interested in "mashing up" art and music. I have recently completed a new body of work called, After Bazille Series, where I took various works of Frédéric Bazille and mashed them together by means of digital collage. For example, in the above work, two of Bazille's works ( The Improvised Ambulance - the Painter Monet Wounded at Chailly-En-Biéré and The Pink Dress) were fused.

Browse the entire collection to learn about this amazing Impressionist artist who was killed in the Franco-Prussian war at the age of 29 years. View my Quicktime (QTVR) movie, based on his work, which I have called "Afternoon in the Studio."

Over the past year, I have been experimenting with composing music outside of my musical mash-up creations. The following four composition are samples of this work which explores the relationship between the space of silence and intervening sounds, or the space that sound creates and the intervening silences:

e-Piano Meditation
Sound Between Spaces
Spaces Between Sounds

When I was in my twenties, I experimented with tuning systems or temperament in music. I proposed that a tuning system could be devised based on the way that sound is propagated in the manner of a pulsating sphere. Drawing from R. Buckminster Fuller's Energetic-Synergetic Geometry, I came up with a sequence of tones that is based on the cubo-octahedron or vector equilibrium.

During the last year, I was able to generate a sequence of sine tones based on the principle that there are 12 omni-directional vectors radiating from a common nuclear point (silence) that extends through to the outer-edges of the various frequency-edged modulations (tones). This is all very experimental, and I will have to go through the tonal sequences to ensure complete accuracy. But, the following composition will give an example of what this music sounds like.

This work raises many questions, including is it possible to create non-"so-called" tonal music that is meaningful, and is it possible to use the "beats" in frequency modulation to create multi-tonal variations? Another question is, how does one notate this music? This will be one of my significant projects for the year. Read what Dr. Fuller said about this work, in a letter he sent to me about the Synergetic Temperament System.

Suicide Prevention Help

I have been busy with the development of the Suicide Prevention Help Global Web Directory. Over 2,000 resources have now been listed, with thousands of visitors using the site, and coming from all over the world. See the site's Blog to view updates and recent visitors. I am planning an official "launch" of the directory next week.

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Anonymous Chris Nelson said...

Hey... I like the way this post is written, thank you for the information and for the insights, this blog is one of the coolest.. I’d also like to share my music/lyric site , please let me know what you think.. Thank you.

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Anonymous myspaceblogger said...

Excellent idea! Honestly, I never really thought that that picture was a fusion of two great art works. I wonder if it's okay if I'll use it as one of my myspace layouts.

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