Art as Eye Movement

by Kenneth Hemmerick with notes by Fred Herscovitch

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There are always three aspects to reality:

RISHI : The subject or knower
DEVATA : The process of knowing or creating.
Chhandas : The object or known.

These three aspects of reality are exhaustively analyzed and studied in the Vedas. There are whole books devoted to each of these areas separately.

Awareness inevitably requires an "otherness". That is, something or an event or person of which one is aware. There is always, in awareness, an object and subject an object being perceived and a subject perceiving.


That which hides. A materialistic person focuses on Chhandhas which hide the other values of reality.

Presently under discussion is awareness. Awareness is the object of perception. You are the subject perceiving. Being aware of being aware and being aware of being unaware requires focus of attention. Ergo, energy and direction.

Perceiver directs attention to object "B" and is aware of being aware of object "B."

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© 2006 Kenneth Hemmerick with Fred Herscovitch