Art as Eye Movement

by Kenneth Hemmerick with notes by Fred Herscovitch

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I have, while writing these past few pages, experienced a chair. My eye movement was something as follows:

(These eye movements will vary from person to person, and will change from time to time with observation of the same object.)

Here is a visual description of my inner eye's movement of perceiving the chair with the eyes closed.

To a mathematician or physicist this diagram looks like a vector or a visual description of motion and direction of energy.

A vector can be described in 3-dimensional space with respect to a system of Cartesian coordinates. A tensor is a magnitude by which components of a system may be transformed linearly and of which the notion of a vector is a special case. Tensor analysis is used in advanced engineering calculation as well as Relativity Theory.

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© 2006 Kenneth Hemmerick with Fred Herscovitch