Art as Eye Movement

by Kenneth Hemmerick with notes by Fred Herscovitch

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Each change in energetic direction may be called an "event. The number of relationships between events is always:

where N = the number of events for consideration.

...Conservative estimates suggest about 1014 elementary operations per second in a single human brain. If we can believe the recent work of Hyden (1960) and Pauline (1961), these operations are performed on about 1021 molecules. From stability considerations (Von Foester, 1948) we may estimate that per second from 109 to 1011 molecules wil spontaneously change their quantum state as a result of the tunnel effect... order just to keep the logical strength of our wisdom from slipping, the ratio of coalescing , k to the rate of discovery, m , must okay the inequality.

That is to say that all special interrelationships of all experiences define comprehension, which is the connections necessary for an understanding of what everything is all about.

In the case of the chair:

...with our tremendous increase in experimental techniques, is occasionally so large that the same inequality is not fulfilled, and we are left with more riddles than before.

John Lilly, M.D.
From Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Computer

This may possibly mean that it requires in a single observation of the chair with my mind's eye 78 relationships of which:

I am aware that I am aware or
aware that I am unaware or
unaware that I am aware or
unaware that I am unaware

is my experience which leads me to an expressed appreciation and comprehension of the chair.

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© 2006 Kenneth Hemmerick with Fred Herscovitch