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kenneth hemmerick - video

The first two examples are recent experimentations in making QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies. Click on the movie window and drag (mouse) up, down or sideways. Use your Shift and Control keys to Zoom in and/or out.

Afternoon in Bazille's Studio Afternoon in Bazille's Studio is a QTVR panoramic musing about what an afternoon in this Impressionist's studio may have been like. I wrote and performed the piano composition. Find the artists in the paintings.
The Last Cosmos is an object QTVR movie that has been treated panoramically. These were the last flowers from my Autumn 2004 garden. The Last Cosmos

Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky is a six-minute video self-portrait, fashioned in a painterly style. This work won Special Jury Prize and Best Video from Concordia University, in addition to being selected for exhibition in Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois. Je suis bleu: like a cloud in the sky

Sometimes is a 9:15 epic video poem that explores language, and waking and dream states of consciousness. In this work I use gibberish and narrative texts to describe an imagined and real scenario where sometimes, when I take the bus I dream.

Playing With Light is an unedited video I created of light from a prism, dancing off of a wall.

Playing with Light

sphereMusic is an animation short that was made with 2-dimensional materials created in Photoshop, using the lens filter and transform tools. The images were then assembled as a slideshow, and shot off a computer screen as a movie, using a Canon digital camera. spheremusic

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